2013 Boston Marathon Tribute Memorial

“May We Never Forget”

Sean Egan, a skilled Master Engraver from Waterford, Ireland, has been commissioned to create custom glass sculptures to honor of all victims, first responders and communities affected by the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing Get involved today and be part of the donating team that will fund these memorials.

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The completed Sean Collier Memorial piece. Read more…

“Like 911, we all remember…”

“So how do we honor the spectators like the White’s and others lost? Those like us, impacted in various ways by the events of the 2013 Marathon tragedy?” Read Stephen Najarian’s wonderful letter to his friends about his experience, and reasons for being part of this project, published here…

Our mission is to use the medium of sculpture to ensure sustained community awareness of the tragic events and life altering moments of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

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